General Packaging Guidelines for Fluorescent Lamps - U-waste recycling Solutions (U-WRS)

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  • Lamps should be packaged in containers that protect the lamps during the storage and transport. Acceptable containers include: cardboard boxes, fiber drums, steel drums, the original cardboard boxes from the manufacturer or containers with a poly liner. Place lamps carefully into the container as to avoid breakage.  U-Waste Recycling Solutions can provide containers for 4-ft. & 8-ft. fluorescent lamps.  Contact your service provider for more information.

  • Egg crate inserts are not required, but boxes and drums should be filled to capacity, leaving no void space if possible.

  • Box ends must be secured with tape. Three-inch PVC tape is recommended.


  • DO NOT tape lamps together.

  • DO NOT place items other than lamps into containers.

  • Any shipment greater than 10 boxes should be palletized, four-foot boxes and other boxes should be placed on a four-foot pallet, eight-foot boxes on an eight-foot pallet. (Any overhang will result in breakage and will not be accepted).  Pickups that exceed 10 boxes and are not palletized may be subject to additional charges.

  • Boxes must be placed on a pallet by stacking five (5) boxes across and no more than five boxes high.  DO NOT EXCEED 48" IN HEIGHT.

  • Once they have been placed on a pallet, the boxes must be secured with shrink or stretch wrap.  (Remember to wrap the pallet as well to minimize shifting in transit).

  • Please remember that when reusing boxes after a retrofit, switching from T12 to T8 boxes will result in a diameter differential.  Figure that T12 bulbs will be 50% wider than T8 bulbs.

  • Lamp Inventories should be taped to or marked on the outside of the lamps boxes

Labeling as Universal Waste

All packages used for containing fluorescent lamps and crushed lamps must include a label that states "Universal Waste Lamps" with an "Accumulation Start Date" (the beginning date the lamps were stored for disposal) as per 40 CFR 273.

Storage of Lamps

All lamps should be stored indoors and protected against the elements of weather.  Wet packages are subject to additional handling fees or rejection.


If lamp breakage should occur, broken glass and lamp constituents may be subject to additional regulation.  If broken prior to packaging, lamps should be placed into plastic or steel drums. Breakage during transport is possible, therefore taping of box ends with tape is recommended. If box contains a liner, make certain liner is sealed well before transport.

Lamp Inventories

Customers are encouraged to tape or write lamp inventories to the end of each box.  An inspection will be made at U-Waste Recycling Solutions of all containers to verify waste streams received.  Each container of fluorescent lamps will be billed for the full amount of lamps as received on the shipment.

Other Suggestions:

Whenever possible, store lamps in an area accessible to the vehicle which will be picking them up.

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