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U-WRS accepts batteries of any shape, size or chemical composition for recycling.  The Universal Waste Regulation for batteries provides guidance for shipping and administrating
U-WRS Battery Recycling Service.  These are some of the batteries that we accept for disposal / recycling (but are not limited to) Alkaline, Lead Acid (Pb), Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), Magnesium (Mg), Lithium (Li), Lithium-ion (Li-ion), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), Mercury (hg).  U-WRS stocks a large selection of containers for easy storage of your spent batteries.

Packing, Labeling and Shipping your Batteries:

Your batteries should be sorted by chemistry and packaged in a sealed container such as a 5 gallon pail or a lined 55 gallon drum.  Your batteries should be labeled to meet USDOT regulations.  Universal Waste Batteries must be clearly labeled as such.  Batteries regulated under HMR should be labeled as Hazardous Waste with the appropriate class 8 or 9 label.  Non-HMR exempt batteries must be packaged in a manner to prevent short circuiting and damage to the battery or the terminals.  This can be achieved by isolating the terminals with tape or packaging individual batteries in fully enclosed inner packaging made of non-conductive materials.

Large non-leaking batteries should be palletized in preparation for transportation.   Electrical tape can be used to isolate the contacts of each battery.  Batteries can be double stacked on the pallet, but the overall height of the pallet must not exceed two times the height of the battery.

Leaking or damaged batteries must be packaged separately from non-leaking batteries and clearly labeled as "Leaking Batteries".  Remember to exercise caution when handling damaged or leaking batteries.

Please note:  Additional handling and labor charges will be assessed for batteries that are not properly packaged, isolated, labeled or sorted.  Due to safety and liability concerns, our carriers may refuse materials that are not packaged to meet USDOT regulations

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